Back-pack with Sailing Catamarans?!

15sc Sail Cat
15sc Sail Cat

Free & Easy Sailing Catamarans

If you are looking for a light and easy use sailing catamaran, SE 15sc sail cat will definitely suit you. This sailing catamaran is inflatable and it provides you the ultimate flexibility. The size of this sailing catamaran after being inflated is big enough to hold 4 adults and outdoor gears. SE15sc sailing boat is best fitted for a family sailing trip over the weekends.

All-in-one Sailing Boats

This SE 15sc sailing catamaran is actually a boat which combining four boats in one. Crusing boat, sailing boat, paddling boat and fishing boat..This sailing catamaran is fit for those activities for its design and its inflatable attribution. The spacious of the sailing catamaran as well as the 2 hulls providing the stablility on the water allow you to walk around and provide a comfort space to rest.

Simple Latten Sail System

You have not sail before? No worries! As the simple latten sail system used on this sailing catamaran,Sea Eagle 15sc sail cat allow you to learn sailing in minutes and even a child can sail it. Moreover, inflatable boats like this one (15sc sail cat) is light but stable and this make sailing much easier. Even sailing on the sea won’t cause a problem to a newbie.

As you can see from the picture on top. 15sc sail catamaran can be packed into such a small pacakge after disassembling. Thus it is indeed portable and we can even go back packing with the sail cat. To continue you could find out more about:-

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