Catamarans Overview

Do whatever you like on the water. Doesn’t matter you want to paddle or sail, catamarans fit you.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Catamarans

All-in-one Catamarans

Paddle or sail or row? If this question always appears in your mind, then you should check out catamarans now! Catamarans are specially built for multipurpose use. Its all-in-one function allows you to fish, row, sail, paddle or even cruise on catamarans at the same time.

2 Hulls Catamarans

The 2 hulls of the catamarans which position from one side to the other just provide you the greater bouyancy which means greater stability. You will find these 2 hulls help a lot in overcoming rough water.

Catamarans Are Inflatable!

With their multipurpose function, still catamarans are inflatable and light in weight. This make catamarans are handy enough for you to have a weekend multi-boating (paddling, fishing, rowing, sealing..etc.) with family members.

There are 2 types of catamarans manufactured by Sea Eagle which are paddle ski and sailing catamarans. Both are powerful boats where you can use them to do most boating activities with your friends and family perhaps over the weekends. As the attribution of inflatable, both boats have the privileges of inflatable boats for sure. So be rest assured that both boats will need least maintenance yet durable.

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