5 Reasons Why Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boat as the name speaks is a boat made of a kind of quality polymer that is inflatable and deflatable whenever you need it. Inflatable boats are not any newly invented stuffs recent years but they have long been used in the military and emergency rescue team. Inflatable boats have only started to be introduced to the public uses a few years ago. This article will tell you how they perform and why are they recommended.

If you are aware enough, you will realize that inflatable boats are getting popular and popular among fisherman and family man nowadays. For reasons people prefer to own a inflatable boat rather than those traditional huge boats. Perhaps the reasons are:-

Inflatable Boats In Car Boot


Flexible here means that inflatable boats could be deflated and kept in your private car boot. That means easy to store, easy to bring along, and easy to boat any places any time. Basically inflatable boats are like 2 air tubes with a floorboard in between. So whenever you want to go on water, simply inflate the air tube and you are ready to go. When the time you don’t need it? Just deflate it and it will end up like a stack of clothes. You never need to worry about dealing with boat transportation and storage.

Stable Inflatable Boats


Yes inflatable boats are stable. In fact they are much more stable than those hard sided boats. This is because the large size buoyancy tubes provide a low center of gravity for the inflatable boats. 2 tubes at both side balance up any weight on board. So when the boat goes on water, it is like a flat floor floating on the water surface. For your information, because of its stability and almost impossible to flip over, inflatable boats are getting common among divers too (To flip over into the water).

Strong & Durable

Not only stable, inflatable boats are designed for years of usage. Building with 1000 Denier Reinforced material, inflatable boats are strong. While the plastic coated transom in inflatable boats helps keeping the transom secured from the damaging effect of water seepage. Seeing at their design and material use, you will know that with little maintenance the boat will last a very long time. About the design of inflatable boats, really to my surprise is that Sea Eagle (the recommended manufacturer) actually quality control their boats strength by hitting the boat with a claw hammer with the sharp claw end. Imagine the toughness.

Inflatable Boats As Light As Air

Easy To Handle

Despite the quality material, inflatable boats are easy to handle. Not only the materials are very light, inflatable boats are inflated with only air. So the boat itself is actually as light as air. Therefore launching the boat couldn’t be any easier. At most only 2 person are needed to set up a 6 man inflatable boats.


Whatever water activities you like, inflatable boats just suit.Paddling?Sailing?Cruising? The design of inflatable boats is perfect that with little tweaking the boat serves different purposes, from paddling, rowing, fishing to even sailing. Whatever you can thought of, inflatable boats are capable of doing it. So people always call the boat a all-in-one boat.

These are the 5 tops reasons why inflatable boats are getting more popular nowadays. Imagine you could just drive to the nearby lake and enjoy a leisure cruising after work at 5pm. I guess only inflatable boat can give you this kind of conveniences. May be you will think with such a quality boat the price of it will be crazy and again this will be the sixth reasons because inflatable boats are generally very affordable. You will not believe with a few hundreds dollars and you are owning a boat already. For example the boat we recommend at our homepage, SE9, cost only $349. It is definitely a bargain especially there is a 180 days boat trial period.

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