Catamaran Paddle Ski Is Not Only for Paddling!

Paddle ski is not only meant for paddling. It’s built to serve you the multipurpose use! The outlook and size of the catamaran paddleski is alike with normal canoes. However, paddle ski is much more stable for its 2 large hulls. Read on for how multifunctional paddle ski is…


The design of catamaran paddle ski allows you to row the boat. The new sliding seat on paddle ski just give you more power by putting your legs to work. It would be a tremendous experience to you with this “rowing canoes”.


With an electric trolling motor, catamaran paddleskis are perfect for an evening cruise. The flexibility of an INFLATABLE paddle ski just won’t ruin your mood for a windy journey. Agree?


Using the paddles which come with catamaran paddleskis, you can just enjoy another great activity. Paddling around the lake, relishing on the serenity and tranquility that the lake water provides and you will find it very relaxing.


This is how it happens, a sail rig on a sea eagle paddleski. Yes,that’s what you need to fall in love in sailing. Let the natural force to drive you around now…


Last but not least, you could probably spend your day doing some fishing on catamaran paddleskis. The stability and large loading capacity just allow you to bring back more fishes. Enjoying the peaceful moment of fishing, you could rejuvenate from the tiring wok days.

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